» The Company

Since 1961 Cavani & Goldoni has been manufacturing hydraulic presses and bending machines for sheet metal working.
Over the years, the company has been always committed to research and technical innovation, in order to further develop its know-how and place on the market top-quality products which made it possible to build customer loyalty: Cavani & Goldoni is not only a supplier, but rather your partner to help you further develop your business.
Today the company manufactures CNC hydraulic presses up to 2,000 tons for sheet metal drawing, as well as automatic bending machines suitable for high production of metal tanks, such as gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, water heaters and LPG tanks. Our range of products also includes transfer systems and press loading arms, which are real automatic loaders.
The company is strongly committed to helping customers solve any problems associated with new technology acquisition, by designing solutions which combine functionality and logistics management to suit manufacturing companies of any size.
Cavani & Goldoni can meet any needs by also supplying second-hand reconditioned machine tools such as:

- Beading and curling machines
- Benders
- Bending machines
- Stretch drawing machines
- Spinning machines
- Bending centres
- Sheet metal working centres
- Column presses
- Double action pressesv
- Double and four column presses
- Straight sided presses
- Open front non-inclinable eccentric presses
- Inclinable eccentric presses
- Hydraulic presses
- Mechanical presses
- Geared drawing presses
- Hydroforming presses
- Deep drawing presses
- Wide frame drawing presses
- Pneumatic and hydro pneumatic presses
- Coining presses
- Straightening presses
- Ring rolling machines
- Bar and section bending machines
- Bending machines for reinforcing bars
- Tube bending machines.